Curing and Trimming Marijuana

Curing cannabis can make or break the great taste of your weed. The best way we’ve ever seen to cure marijuana was a simple hanging technique. Trimming marijuana is the trick. If you want to leave some of the bigger leaves on the plant, don’t trim cannabis down to the calyxes.

When trimming weed you want the leaves long enough to cover the buds, this way they form a pillow holding all the THC crystals. Drying THC Crystals will fall off when the dry plant is handled or moved, this technique will eliminate THC loss saving your pot’s potency. Also leave a big portion of stem on your plant, don’t cut any if possible. Your buds will be absorbing the goodness out of the stem while drying.

Cure your marijuana in a dark, dry, lightly ventilated area. Be patient, at the same time making sure the drying process proceeds at a reasonable rate. Wait until the small stalks snap when you try to break them.

There are drying machines on the market. They can dry in rapid time. Some will debate that this process pops the THC crystals during the drying stage. Growers love to trim buds right off the main stalks to reduce time. Most farmers don’t wait, the weed is sold wet, making yields increase and profits soar. Taste seems to come secondary these days. Organic growers love to introduce citrus fruits in the process adding flavour. A big screen can be used to lay the pot down on. Some like to place a sheet under the screen to catch falling off dried crystals. There are drying boxes on the market made specifically for this.

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